Royally Courted begins in a French coastal village circa 1640 during the Thirty-Years War. Altheia de Savoir awaits her Scottish sailor love, Matthew, to return from sea.  Meanwhile, wartime marauders invade her home and Altheia barely escapes with her life. Returning to a burned and looted village, Matthew takes Altheia to his childhood fortress in Ireland. Then, the unthinkable happens, Matthew traveling to Scotland is left to die in a Scottish dungeon, unable to communicate to Altheia. But their love story is far from over…span forward 400 years in the present time, in Southern California, Collette Peters, a forensic investigator encounters Matthew McDonnell, a successful defense attorney in a court of law. Innocently, they find they share an intense attraction, but they are unaware of why they are so strangely drawn to each other. When they piece together the clues, they realize the answer lies in the past, and may very well lead them, to the love of their lives.

Royally Courted